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  • Specify the license plate list of your fleet

Specify the license plate list of your fleet

For some transports of our clients it is necessary to specify the license plates of your vehicle fleet.

Why do we need the license plate list?

It can happen that loading at a shipper's site is linked to a vehicle's license plate and the goods are not released if the registration number of the truck differs. In order to ensure quality for our clients, we need to be able to provide information about which truck has driven the transport. For some clients these are necessary quality requirements that Cargonexx wants to fulfill as a reliable partner.


What do we do with this list?

We register your vehicles in our database in order to be able to link them to their corresponding orders. Conversely, we can also check whether the registration number given in the order matches your registration number.


How long do we keep your list in the system?

Your license plate list will remain in our system as long as we work together, as it is necessary for the business.


How can I send Cargonexx my list?

You can send us your license plate list in different ways.

  • Via E-Mail
    Simply send us your list of license plates informally by e-mail or as an attachment in an Excel list to carrier@cargonexx.de. We will then be happy to transfer it to the system.
  • Via Phone
    Optionally, you can also give their license plates by phone at +49 40 87407644.

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